Would you like to hire a doula to
support you during your pregnancy
and to be with you in the room when
you go into labor, but can’t afford it?
Do you need help covering the cost
of reliable childcare so you can earn
a living?
Would you like the support of a night
nurse who can help care for your
child at night so you can rest and
recover from pregnancy?
Are you interested in working with a
midwife or exploring alternative
options like a birthing center?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, apply below to be considered in our next round of voucher awards.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants meeting the following requirements will be randomly selected for a voucher each award cycle. If an applicant is not awarded a voucher during an award cycle, they will automatically be entered into the next cycle as long as they still meet the following criteria:

How it works

Apply for a voucher on helloseven.org.

Check your email for status updates.

When you are awarded a voucher, you will be invited to sign a Voucher Agreement.

When you are ready to pick your licensed or certified service provider, you’ll ask them to register with the Hello Seven Foundation. They will receive a registration form and all of the details they need to know to work with us. Please note, providers are required to be licensed/certified and insured.

When you are ready to pay for your services with a Hello Seven Foundation voucher, you and your service provider will complete a Voucher Claim Form and upload an invoice.

Payment will be delivered to your Service Provider. Please allow up to 15 days for processing.


How do you define ‘Black’?

Descendants of the diaspora who identify as Black.

How much is each voucher worth?


Birth Doula$2,000Pregnant
Postpartum Doula
or Night Nurse
$1,500Pregnant / Postpartum
Childcare$2,500Pregnant / Postpartum
Once I am awarded, do I have to use the voucher by a certain deadline?

Your voucher will expire 6 months from the date of the award, or in 14 days if the applicant does not accept the voucher after attempted contact via phone and email.

After the voucher period expires, any remaining funds will be released to other applicants. Voucher recipients are eligible to apply for an extension by emailing hello@helloseven.org and completing an Extension Request Form.

What is my Voucher ID?

Your Voucher ID is a 7-digit unique identifer that starts with a letter followed by 6 numbers. This will be given to you in your ‘Welcome Kit’ email after you accept your voucher.

Does my service provider have to have a license and insurance?

Yes. All Service Providers partnering with the Hello Seven Foundation must have an active license or certification to practice, and active insurance coverage for their business.

Licenses, certifications, and insurance must be active and in good standing.

This includes licensed/certified and insured Birth Doulas, Midwives, Night Nurses (LPN/RN), Newborn Care Specialists, and Postpartum Doulas in the US.

To register, service providers will complete a Service Provider Registration form which includes a space to upload copies of their current licenses and/or certifications to practice and a certificate of Insurance (COI).

What is required on the invoice from my Service Provider?

Invoices must clearly indicate the dates of service, be itemized, have a unique invoice number, and include the Service Provider’s contact information.

Invoices for childcare, postpartum doula services, and night nurses must include the child’s initials, the provider’s hourly, daily, or weekly rate, and the number of hours, days, or weeks served.

Where do I find the forms to accept my voucher, register my service provider, or claim my voucher?

Once you are awarded, you will receive a ‘Welcome Kit’ via email that has everything you need. If you have any questions, let us know!

How does my service provider get paid?

You will work with your service provider to complete a Voucher Claim Form via Docusign. You will kick off the process by adding their name and email to a form linked in your Welcome Kit email. They will receive a copy of the Voucher Claim Form with specific fields highlighted for them to fill out. They will also be asked to upload an invoice.

Once they complete the form, it will be routed to you (the voucher recipient) for your review and approval. If everything looks good, sign it and it will be sent back to us for processing.

Your provider must be registered with us prior to receiving payment. If your provider did not complete a W9, upload their insurance, and upload their certifications/licenses, they must do so before being eligible to receive payment.

Will you pay for services before they are completed?

The Hello Seven Foundation will only pay for services after they have been delivered, except:

  • If a deposit is required to begin services, Hello Seven Foundation will pay up to 30% the total value of the voucher or total cost of the services, whichever is less.
  • For childcare services, the Hello Seven Foundation will pay for up to 1 month at a time prior to the family receiving the care if it is the policy of the childcare provider to receive payment upfront. Invoices should be submitted 15 days prior to the invoice due date.
I have another question that I don’t see here.

Please email us with your name and voucher ID at hello@helloseven.org

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